Holidays in Morocco are best remembered through its people. The land of crumbling Kasbahs, imperial cities and camel trains welcomes you.

Holidays to Morocco

“We have toured the Moroccan countryside, visited souks, stood atop waterfalls, and walked the ramparts of fortified towns. Often we were the only Europeans in sight”

– Craig, holiday 2019

The very name Morocco captures the imagination. With impressions formed by films and books, it continues to conjure up a sense of the exotic and even for those that live here it still remains a country of surprises. Morocco culture, a mixture of Islamic and Berber traditions is expressed everywhere; the differences prevailing in language, custom and dress. The country’s terrain is diverse, beautiful and dramatic with landscapes to astound even the most weary of travellers. Ancient medina’s, gorges, deserts, waterfalls and rock formations interchange often imperceptibly but with dramatic strokes, creating the kind of light and colour that has lured artists for generations.  Morocco is simply a fascinating kingdom of contrasts offering something for everyone. It’s appeal has enticed for centuries but it’s in the last two decades that holidays in Morocco have developed to make it an ideal touring destination. With a choice of authentically styled B&B’s and Riads offering plenty of options for comfort, holidays in Morocco has never looked so good. Morocco’s steady development under the watchful eye of a stable government makes it a safe destination for travellers and it’s just possible like Craig, you may get the place to yourselves.

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