In previous years people relied on the information provided by travel consultants and guidebook writers to learn as much as possible about their travel choices. However, it is now possible to access a wide variety of digital resources. There are plenty of websites offering information about the hotels and attractions in sunshine paradises such as Morocco and Spain. It is even possible to download translation apps and cultural ebooks. We’ve included a selection of the best travel resources in this article.



This blog was established by a married couple from the UK as a means of documenting their worldwide travel experiences. It features a number of spectacular photographs and stories about everything from climbing the Moroccan Atlas Mountains to camping in New Zealand. It is bound to be of interest to those of you who have embraced the spirit of adventure.

If you’re seeking inspiration and information about a diverse range of travel destinations then you should have a read of this this blog. You’ll find a variety of helpful guides and Isabelle’s personal accounts of skydiving in Spain, exploring castles in Germany and relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches of Malaysia. If these stories don’t take your fancy then you should check out the Top 15 Travel Blogs To Inspire You In 2014.



This app has been based upon the ethos of social sharing. It allows you to write reviews and upload pictures of the different places that you have visited. You also have the option of viewing the recommendations made by friends and regular users of the network. This means that it is possible to access accounts of trips to the most popular and obscure tourist attractions.

XE Currency

XE Currency - Travel Resources

If you’d like to find out the various currency exchange rates before setting off on a word-wide trip then it would be advisable to download this app. You’ll then have the option of entering your travel budget and finding out how many Chinese Yen or Australian dollars you can expect to receive. It is even possible to save the information for offline access.

Google Translate

If you’ve taken a number of trips to Spain or France then you’ll understand that it is sometimes difficult to overcome the language barrier. You may have experienced trouble communicating on a basic level with shop owners or taxi drivers. However, such issues may be resolved through the use of the Google translation app. This helpful tool enables users to translate more than 60 languages in voice or text form. It is even possible to translate photographs of foreign text.


Expedia - Travel Resources

If you’re keen to find the cheapest deals on flights and accommodation then it would be well worth visiting the Expedia website. You’ll have the opportunity to view in depth information about the flights and photographs of the places that you’re planning on visiting. It is also possible to read a mixture of customer reviews.

This user-sourced website acts as an extensive database of information about a diverse range of countries. It provides details of everything from transportation options in Spain to the best beaches in South East Asia. Users are even able to make amendments to any content which they deem as being inaccurate.

Trip Advisor

This website simply has to be mentioned as one of the best travel resources. It acts as a platform for millions of travel reviews regarding the quality of hotels, attractions and restaurants. You are encouraged to visit this site when attempting to weigh up the virtues of different tourist destinations.

Particularly intrepid travellers are encouraged to visit this governmental website. It contains regularly updated information about the safety of different countries. Visitors can also view specific details of the towns and cities which should be avoided.


Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth – Rough Guides

This book contains a wealth of information about the world’s most fascinating tourist sites and enthralling activities. There are enticing descriptions of everything from enjoying the Hogmanay festivities in Scotland to snowboarding in Peru.

Spain 2014 – Rick Steves

As an enthusiastic traveller you will undoubtedly have come across Rick Steves. He’s featured in a number of travel programmes and written about a wide range of destinations including Greece, Germany, Italy and Romania. However, his book about Spain deserves special mention. It gives the reader an insight into the history and culture of Barcelona and Madrid. There are also sections on the local art galleries, museums and stunning nature trails.

If you’re looking at a location other than Spain we recommend checking out some of the other great books and guides by Rick Steves.

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Over to you

The resources listed in this article should prove invaluable when it comes to scheduling your trips to foreign countries. They should help you to create realistic budgets and track down the finest tourist attractions.

Which travel resources would you add to the list?

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