Marokko reizen for our Dutch friends

Marokko reizen

Marokko reizen

Wheels Across Marokko is een reisbureau dat gespecialiseerd is in Marokko reizen . Wij bieden speciaal op maat gemaakte reizen met een uitgekiend programma van culturele bezienswaardigheden en scènes.

De focus van de Marokko reizen georganiseerd voor u op maat is wat je wilt zien, proeven en ervaring is het uitgangspunt. Wheels Across Marokko is een reisbureau dat zich richt op de geïnteresseerde toeristen / reizigers.

Met de nadruk op kwaliteit en persoonlijke betrokkenheid bij ( de wensen van ) haar klanten. Het is een reisbureau naast het gebruik van uitstekende contacten in Marokko voor een bijzondere en ongewone ervaring.

Moroccan Culinary Food Tours are now on the menu

Moroccan culinary food tours…

are now available in the region of Essaouira. Morocco has an incredible array of fantastic food. From its Tagines and soups to fresh salads, fruit, patisseries, Pastillas and couscous – no matter what type of dish you’re after for, there will be something tasty for you in Morocco. We’ve launched our Moroccan culinary food tours for you to sample and explore the best of the region’s essential ingredients and get the lowdown on the raw materials. The highlights are our Moroccan cookery classes.

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All you wanted to know about Morocco tour companies

Morocco tour companies. Some key points on what to expect.




Trip Advisor forums from time to time raise the question of what exactly do Morocco tour companies include as part of their package and more pertinent is what should they should indeed offer. What you’re essentially paying for is a company that will arrange collection/transfer from and to the airport, book all the hotels or accommodation, provide an English, French or Spanish speaking driver and guide and organise any activities that you would like to do. Ideally the driver guide should offer an insight into the culture but there’s more besides, that can sort the wheat from the chaff.

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A spring in the step for our Guided Morocco Tours 2015

Announcing new Guided Morocco Tours.

2015 brings new flight routes into Morocco.  From May 1st Easyjet will fly direct into Essaouira from London Luton saving 2 hours in transfer time. The Essaouira airport is situated about 20 mins from the medina of Essaouira and is a much underused facility so let’s hope that the route is a success. Flights are on Mondays and Fridays making a weekend break to Essaouira a real possibility. To celebrate Easyjet’s announcement we’re also offering weekend photography and cooking breaks in the town to give you the full flavour of the Morocco’s diverse rural and medina culture. You can read more about the weekend’s itinerary here.

If you’d prefer to spend your weekend seeing as much of the local and regional sights then we can offer daily trips out and about in the local region of Essaouira. The possible locations to visit are: Continue reading

Relieve travel stress

7 Easy Steps To Take The Stress Out Of Travel

Travel can be a lot of fun, but it can also be exceptionally stressful. From getting lost to realizing you forgot to pack something super important, there are tons of little (or big) things that can happen when you’re away from home. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can minimize mishaps, making for a more comfortable, pleasurable trip overall.

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10 Essential Resources For Frequent Travellers

In previous years people relied on the information provided by travel consultants and guidebook writers to learn as much as possible about their travel choices. However, it is now possible to access a wide variety of digital resources. There are plenty of websites offering information about the hotels and attractions in sunshine paradises such as Morocco and Spain. It is even possible to download translation apps and cultural ebooks. We’ve included a selection of the best travel resources in this article.

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5 Places You Must Visit in Morocco

Morocco has an incredible array of fantastic places to visit.  From souks to dunes and harbours to rock formations – no matter what type of holiday you’re looking for, there will be something for you in Morocco. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture the culture, scenery and your adventures!

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